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“There is no garment more beautiful than vitality”

– Ali Ibn Abi Talib –


Our generation is becoming increasingly influenced by media and societal values which are dictating to us who we are, what we want and who we should be.  As a result, our identity is being slowly stripped away from us.  While we have become numb and remained silent, the few who we least want to represent us are speaking the loudest on our behalf.   It is time for us to reclaim our identity.  We need to make a statement…our statement.  We may be different, but our united voice will be heard.  We matter…we belong…we are proud of who we are.

As Rumi so eloquently put it, “set your life on fire and seek those who fan your flame”.   The goal for LTD is to  use fashion and style as our vessel to evoke emotion and inspire you to literally wear your pride on your sleeve.  When you wear LTD, you are not only wearing a meticulously designed, quality crafted garment – you are making your statement.


We can give you 786 reasons why you should wear the brand, but really you just need One.  Join the movement and help us to make a difference….together we are united to the power of ONE.